The Royale Vape, also known as RV is the largest vaping outlet in Sarawak; established in 2015 from a single shop in Kuching’s Cityone Mall, this vaping chain has grown considerably and now boasts a multitude of outlets which can be located around the state, mostly concentrated around the city of Kuching.

RV is known for having the best products and lowest prices in town. We carry e-cigarette devices, e-juices, coils, and vape kits, cartridges, atomizers, batteries, chargers, wick materials, mods and pods for all levels whether you are a starter, intermediate, or advanced vaper.  We cater our services and products according to your needs. You name it, we got it.

As a top retailer in town, we are keen to offer you the best shopping experience.  We are renowned for our monthly specials, festive give aways, lucky draws, and much more  We have the finest and largest collection of vaping products in town.

We are also equipped with dedicated, informative and friendly staff who are committed to assist and serve you with personalised services.  Your satisfaction is our main priority and we will definitely accommodate your needs.  Whether you are a newbie that is looking to start vaping or a vaping connoisseur that knows your way around, whether you are on a limited budget or an enthusiast with everything but still want more, our staff is here for you.

We carry all of the hottest brands and nearly a thousand flavours of e-juice. Whether you are on a budget or ready to be a vape follower, we have the right products for you.

RV is not merely a traditional retail shop. We also provide wholesale service and deliveries around Malaysia.  Our wholesale service includes a wide range of products.  Do drop us a DM if you are interested.

What makes us the best?
Our customers; plain and simple.  We are one of the most sought out vape stores in Sarawak because we are committed to you each and every day.  
Our staff; displays the utmost dedication, professionalism, and friendliness.  
Here at Royale Vape, we are committed to expanding our vaping community in Sarawak.  
Don’t miss out on the joys of vape!

We are passionate about our products and we are eager to wow you!
See you in our store soon!