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SNOWPLUS Pre-filled Pods

RM 35.00


Our Smokeless Edition Pods use the same great all-natural base, with different ingredient ratios designed to produce little to no vapor on exhale and minimizing the impact to the surrounding environment. 

Snow Plus Flavours 

1)Classic  ( 3pcs) (5%) 

2)Mung Bean ( 3pcs) (3%) 

3)Watermelon ( 3pcs) (3%) 

4)Mint ( 3pcs) (5%) 

5)Minty Lemon ( 3pcs) (3%) 

6)Lychee ( 3pcs) (3%) 

7)Orange Soda ( 3pcs) (3%) 

8)Grapefruit ( 3pcs) (3%) 

9)lce Cola ( 3pcs) (3%) 

10)Pineapple Coconut ( 3pcs) (3%) 

Nicotine Free Edition 

1)Cappuccino ( 3pcs) (0%) 

2)lce Matcha Latte ( 3pcs) (0%)

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