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RELX Zero Kit

RM 85.00

The Relx team announced that the slim electronic cigarette vape uses the Feelm innovative heating technology. It is stable and high-temperature resistance, safe and easy to deliver the E-liquid, and bring users softer puffs and leakage free experience 

Feelm’s heating coil is a brand-new micropore structured-ceramic coil with a flat metal film. The strong absorption and delivery ability. As the heating element, Feelm is different essentially in vaporizing ability when compared with other pod system devices: 

- The honeycomb-hole design on the ceramic coil can heat each drop of E-liquid adequately, so the vapor is much softer; 

- The adequate heating of the E-liquid general more vapor, so vapers can enjoy the real puffing experience; 

- The regular coil shape makes the assembly more sealed, so it prevents the E-liquid from dropping and leaking. 

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